John Peregoy and Debbie

John & Debbie from Senior Benefits Life

Nesteggsperts, Inc was originally founded in 2006 by John, to help seniors start making better choices and dectiions, when it comes to their life savings. “We Help Protect Retirement Nest Eggs”

Senior Benefits Life is the final expense and burial insurance division of NestEggsperts, Inc.

John Peregoy – CEO and founder of Nesteggsperts, Inc. John has a professional designation of CRPC – Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor.
Debbie Raynor – Final expense specialist. Debbie has over 10 years’ experience in the life insurance market and is the head of the final expense division. 

The home office for Senior Benefits Life is located in Dunn, North Carolina - However, we have licensed agents located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Call Now: (919) 473-6000 or 1 (877) 600-0725

“Request More Information, Get Help, or just to Ask Questions about our any of our Affordable Service For Seniors. Seniors are welcome to call now to ask for a live instant quote over the phone, from Senior Benefits Life.”

Our dedication to provide the best money managing companies in the world has enabled us to use only A rated companies or higher. We recently joined with Consolidated Underwriters to provide multiple Life Insurance Carriers for our clients in addition to the elite selection of powerful financial institutions for protection of retirement funds.

Their radio show, Retirement Talk Radio, has educated listeners for years. Some of the them can be heard on their website…

Realizing that life insurance was the cornerstone to financial protection, the officers at Nesteggsperts decided to start a division that focused on getting affordable plans for all seniors.

Through our strategic alliances with many large insurance carriers, we are able to take advantage of the underwriting differences to find the particular plan that will accept your risk classification.

For example: If  you have diabetes, certain carriers ask the diabetic questions differently to determine if you will be accepted. 

Some ask: “in the past 2 years, have you taken insulin for diabetes?”

While others ask: Have you ever been treated for insulin shock or lost a limb as a result of diabetes?

Knowing the differences in the underwriting questions is a big advantage when trying to get you coverage in place. Most insurance agents have only one company to pick from because they are captive. We have over 20 to choose from!

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