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Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage
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SECTION 2 - Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage

SECTION 3 - Precription Drug Plans - Part D
Below is the FINAL VIDEO for SECTION 1 - PART D 

The final piece of your Medicare puzzle is your prescription drug plan. (PART D)
We feel this is your most important decision, even if you do not currently take 
any prescriptions. If you are in the wrong drug plan, you are wasting money...period.

Prescription Drug Plans - Part D

Frequently Asked Questions

I still am confused. What do I do if I still am not sure?
You can have several options to get good reliable information. You can contact your local SHIIP office and ask for an appointment. You can call 1-800-Medicare or visit website. Or you can call our office at 1-866-788-7665. 

Where are you located in case I want to come by the office?
We get asked this all the time! The home office is located at 206 S. Wilson Ave, Dunn, NC. Please call ahead to avoid waiting. We generally do most of our business over the phone because we are able to enter applications over the phone as well as do computer screen shares with those who want our help.

I am a government employee and about to retire, I have no clue what all of literature means. Can you help with that too?
We would be glad to talk with you about your options. However, keep in mind that we will not know specific important details about the plan they are offering. Call your human resources person first. You can opt out of your plan but will not be able to ever return. Also, you might consider getting a Hospital Indemnity Plan to help with your deductibles if you stay with most government plans

I plan to still work a while after age 65. Do I still need to do this?
Well...part of it will be automatic. The Social Security office will enroll you in Part A automatically. If you are getting a Social Security Check, they will send you a form to opt out of Part B temporarily. However, when you decide to leave your employer, some forms need to be filed in order to properly start Part B. If you are self-employed, you probably will save money by going ahead with full Medicare A & B
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